Event Presentations available in Project Resources/Seminars

Three new event presentations are now available for download in Project Resources/Seminars.

Manufacturer participation protocol available

The Voluntary protocol for manufacturers proactive participation has been uploaded in the Manufacturers page.

Draft Guidelines for WM verification available

A draft of the guidelines for WM verification is now available on the Test Procedures page.

Laboratories Invited to Participate in Questionnaire

12 laboratories have been invited to answer to the Recognition Questionnaire. The deadline for answering is the 22nd of October 2012. On the basis of evaluation of the questionnaire’s answers, appropriate laboratories will be shortlisted.  Please find the questionnaire and the accompanying technical document in the Laboratories section.

Atlete II article published in Italian trade magazine, Trade Bianco

An article on Atlete II has been published in a special Jul-August issue of the Italian trade magazine, Trade Bianco.  The article highlights the goals of the project and is available for download.

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